30-Rock EP sets sights on the greatness of Whites

As 30 Rock co-executive producer Ron Weiner makes plans to put the final season of the Tina Fey hit comedy to bed, he’s not letting any grass grow under his feet and has already lined up a couple of projects with Universal Television. The second project will be the one of most interest to Tellyspotting readers.

You may remember the BBC comedy series, Whites, which starred the great Alan Davies as a celebrity chef who is a little out of touch with the fact that his star has faded (i.e. a little past his sell by date), along with Darren Boyd, Stephen Wight and Katherine Parkinson. Inexplicably, Whites lasted only one season on the BBC. While there seems to be two chances for some rethinking about the possibility of a long sought-after BBC revival of Davies’ Whites (slim and none) and an American version in the works, which is still like kissing your sister even though it will be headed by the Arrested Development alum/current 30-Rock EP, let’s hope that in the long-run at least what this might do is renew interest in British comedy fans seeking out the UK version for a marathon watching session in the coming weeks.

Whether you’re familiar with Whites or you will be watching it for the first time, pop on over to the Bring Back Whites homepage and sign the petition to convince the BBC to rethink their position. As American versions of UK comedies go, this may or may not ever see the light of day. It may go to pilot and never get picked up (Red Dwarf, IT Crowd), it may run for three weeks and be cancelled (Coupling) or it may last for a number of seasons (The Office). The important thing is to remember the greatness of the original UK version of Whites. Check it out.