From the Friday Vault: Hardware with Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman’s stock is going through the roof these days given his brilliant performance in Sherlock and, what I’m already assuming is brilliant in the upcoming Peter Jackson fantasy epic, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as Bilbo Baggins. Many were ‘introduced’ to Martin back in 2001 as Tim in Ricky Gervais’ The Office. Post “Office, Freeman starred in Hardware, a short-lived situation comedy set in Hamway’s Hardware Store in London.

The Simon Nye (Men Behaving Badly) creation revolved around the store staff and their daily wisecrack battles with an endless array of DIY-obsessed shoppers. The series also starred Peter Serafinowicz, the English actor, composer, voice-over artist and director that I will forever remember as Pete, the tidy flatmate of Shaun and Ed in Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead. In real life, Serafinowicz is married to Sarah Alexander (Coupling, Me and Mrs. Jones).

Freeman plays Mike, the blunt and grumpy DIY fanatic who works in the shop. His daily mission is to try, mostly unsuccessfully, to avoid the daily behind the counter ‘life chats’ but often gets sucked in. The series also features early Ryan Cartwright, know better in the U.S. for his more recent roles in Bones and Mad Men. Worth checking out. As always, anyone have any suggestions for future Friday Vault profiles, send them my way. Cheers.