Get ready for the new Foyle's War with a 6 in 6 recap

It’s Saturday. You’ve sadly come to the realization that with Foyle’s War returning to PBS on Sunday, there’s no time remaining for a marathon crash viewing session of the first 6 seasons before Sundays premiere of series 7 on Masterpiece.

Not to worry. Acorn TV, one of the driving forces behind its return, is looking out for you with a classic “6 in 6” look back at the first 6 seasons of the exploits of Christopher Foyle and Honeysuckle Weeks.

Michael Kitchen and Samantha Stewart brilliantly reprise their roles when Foyle’s War returns to PBS Sunday at 8p CT/9p ET on Masterpiece. In season 7, the enigmatic Foyle is now working for British Secret Intelligence. World War II has ended but just over the horizon has a different war looming as the iron curtain falls across Europe. MI5 suspects British atomic research has been infiltrated, and ask Foyle to investigate whether a Russian spy network could be at work in the heart of London.

Season 7 will air over the next three Sundays on PBS’ Masterpiece series with “The Eternity Ring” on Sept 15, “The Cage” on Sept 22 and concluding on Sept 29 with “Sunflower”.