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  • Martha Stewart’s Gingerbread Abbey is just in time for the holidays!

    Leave it to the creative brilliance of Martha Stewart to make a bit of holiday greatness out of the most highly-anticipated television series premiere of 2015. Thankfully, that premiere is only 4 days into the new year so there’s not long to wait! Martha Stewart and her team have created a “Gingerbread Abbey”—a stunning likeness […]

  • ‘Imitation Game’ star Benedict Cumberbatch talks Bletchley Park

    Labeling it an ‘overwhelming experience’, Benedict Cumberbatch, star of The Imitation Game, talked recently about his filming the story of wartime code-breaker Alan Turing in the place where he actually lived and worked, Bletchley Park. It was Turing, the troubled genius mathematician, who spent the Second World War building an early computer that could crack encoded […]

  • Fancy a night’s stay at Highclere…sort of?

    If you are wondering what it would be like to be a part of the Crawley family and stay overnight at Highclere Castle, the setting for Downton Abbey, now is your chance…sort of. Beginning Valentine’s Day, the Highclere estate is offering guests the opportunity to access your inner-most Dowager Countess and stay the night in […]