Happy Halloween! The Mysterious Downton Abbey
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  • Back from the brink, ‘Luther’ returns!

    At long last, John Luther is back. You remember, the John Luther of “I was sick, I got better, I’m back, etc.” fame. Ok, so he’s obsessive, possessed, and sometimes violent. So what if he’s an emotionally impulsive detective tormented by the darker side of humanity who is constantly struggling to cope with his own demons. Ok, there […]

  • How about a little Dinner Party Drama from ‘Downton Abbey’ this Thanksgiving

    While Thanksgiving isn’t officially celebrated in the UK, it has gained a bit of momentum in recent years with a number of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner and an increasing number of festivals, including the Harvest Festival where Brits give thanks for food and the year’s harvest. Downton Abbey is no exception when it comes to multi course […]

  • Guess what the BBC is getting you for Christmas this year?

    Judging by the excessive number of emails I’m getting from the overly greedy retailers letting me know that, supposedly, ‘Black Friday’ has already begun even though it was only Monday, it’s never to early to think about Christmas…for the right reasons. This rings true, especially for the true believers (you know who you are) who […]