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  • Big Ben set to ‘bong it’s last bong’ until 2021

    Beginning Monday, London’s most famous bell is embarking on a lengthy bong break. From next week Big Ben will go quiet until 2021, only bonging for special events like Remembrance Sunday and New Year’s Eve, and leaving London bereft of its world-famous chimes. Housed in what was originally known as the “Clock Tower” and now officially known as Elizabeth […]

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  • ‘Victoria’/’Poldark’ producers to adapt ‘Pride and Prejudice’

    Remember when you HAD to read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in high school? I’m guessing a number of you have re-read it several times as an adult because you actually WANTED to. Whatever the case, it’s probably been awhile since read it or seen one of the numerous big or small screen adaptations. Well, now you […]

  • ‘The Crown’ S2 gets a new trailer and a December release date

    Just as Jenna Coleman’s Queen Victoria begins her struggles with motherhood, monarchy and marriage in the forthcoming series 2 of Victoria, all is not well in the royal household of series 2 of The Crown as Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth is having her own marriage issues. As her empire begins to crumble around her, she must do what is […]

  • Jenna Coleman’s granddad is ‘man in crowd’ in ‘Victoria’ S2

    It was ‘Bring your Granddad to Work Day’ recently during the filming of series 2 of Victoria when Jenna Coleman’s grandfather appeared on the set recently in period garb. While he won’t be playing her character’s grandfather, George III, Coleman’s real-life grandfather will be featured as an extra in the period drama as ‘man in crowd’. Coleman posted […]

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