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  • 16,016 BBC Sound Effects made available for free download

    If you’ve been waiting for that ever-elusive perfect sound effect, whether it be a slow passing lorry, a wooden window frame rattling, the interior of a busy Belgian post office or the sound of the New Zealand Yellow-Eyed Penguin, which just happens to be one of the few penguin species found north of the Antarctic Ocean, the […]

  • Welcome ‘Baby Cambridge’ – Monday, 23 April, 11:01AM BST!

    Finally some good news out of the UK. After a flurry of sad news of the recent deaths of Willow and Munin, Britain welcomed a new addition to the royal family as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a ‘soon-to-be-named’ boy into the world at 11:01AM BST Monday morning at St. Mary’s Hospital in […]

  • Benedict Cumberbatch is Patrick Melrose this May

    Benedict Cumberbatch will return to the small screen next month as a narcissistic, schizoid, suicidal alcoholic/drug addict with a distinctive overcoat and, no, it’s not a new episode of Sherlock! Cumberbatch will executive produce and take the lead as Patrick Melrose in the upcoming adaptation of Edward St Aubyn’s classic series of semi-autobiographical Melrose novels, […]

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