• Being Human 2, at last

    Being Human 2, at last

    When you first hear the premise of Being Human, that being one of “ok, a group of twenty-somethings share a flat in Bristol and, oh yeah, one’s a vampire, one’s a werewolf and the third one’s a ghost”, it sounds like another pitch right out of the movie, The Player, trying to jump on the Twilight, […]

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  • Lost Doctor Who episode?

    Lost Doctor Who episode?

    Now that we’ve seen David Tennant’s final days as The Doctor and his subsequent regeneration into the newest incarnation of the time-traveling Time Lord, Matt Smith, there comes word that some 30 years ago, back in December 1979, a six-part episode of Doctor Who, “Shada” with Tom Baker, was filmed but never transmitted. Seems inexplicable that […]

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  • Man-eating plants to roam Britain in 2011

    Man-eating plants to roam Britain in 2011

    Yet another “eagerly awaited” re-make premieres this week on BBC One when Eddie Izzard, Vanessa Redgrave and Dougray Scott star in, hopefully, a well-deserved re-do of John Wyndham’s 1951 novel, Day of the Triffids . Set in 2011, this new version, on the surface, seems like it has a lot going for it with some […]

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  • Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 2

    Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 2

    Must have been spot on with #6-10. No one has questioned anything yet. Maybe you’re waiting for #1-5 before letting me have it. Here goes: #5 – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – this London underground film revolves around a high stakes card that, not surprisingly, goes wrong leaving the boys with a week […]

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  • From Doctor Who to Hamlet – all in a days work

    From Doctor Who to Hamlet – all in a days work

    In case you thought that David Tennant was sitting around idly after his run as the Tenth Doctor on the long-running science fiction series, Doctor Who, ended, think again. Tennant, earlier this year, ended a Stratford-Upon-Avon, then London, run of the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet. If that wasn’t enough, Tennant reprised the role recently, […]

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  • The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    Ok, having difficulty with this one. Am reading in the Guardian about BBC4 project. Former Doctor Who star, Christopher Eccleston, has been tagged to star in Lennon Naked, a film for the Beeb that looks at John Lennon’s life from 1967-1971. To me, Eccleston never seemed to warm to the idea of being the Ninth […]

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  • Forgive us for this British TMZ moment

    Forgive us for this British TMZ moment

    This one was just too good to pass up. Let me just say this upfront. Dame Judi Dench is the most amazing person on the planet. She’s played two Queen’s, is James Bond’s boss, M, won an Oscar, ten BAFTA’s, two Golden Globes, a Tony and, oh yeah, she was in 67 episodes of As […]

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  • Happy 46th, Doctor Who

    Happy 46th, Doctor Who

    With two hearts, a respiratory bypass system that allows you to go without air, an internal body temperature of 60 degrees and the ability to enter a self-induced coma-like state until your body heals from any mortal injury, it’s not wonder you look as good as you do. You don’t look a day over 400! […]

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  • The Prisoner – I am NOT a number!

    The Prisoner – I am NOT a number!

    With yet another unsettling American re-make looming on the horizon this Sunday on, as they say, another network, I thought it only fitting to pay tribute to one of the all-time classic series from the 60’s, or for that matter, anytime — THE PRISONER. Created by and starring Patrick McGoohan as No. 6, the series […]

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