• Doctor Who with an edge…and a new assistant

    Doctor Who with an edge…and a new assistant

    According to the BBC, with the addition of relative newcomer, Karen Gillan, a 21-year old Scottish actress, as the new Doctor’s assistant, word is we’re in for the series to have a much edgier feel than ever, thanks to head writer, Steven Moffat. Without too much argument, David Tennant was the best Doctor of all-time. These […]

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  • Dawn French talks Dibley

    Dawn French talks Dibley

    Another tip of the hat to Dawn French, just because we can. Dawn French is a comic genius. Originally introduced to KERA audiences in French & Saunders, a top-notch sketch show with longtime friend and comedy partner, Jennifer Saunders, then Murder Most Horrid which creatively spoofed thriller and murder mysteries and, finally, perhaps her most […]

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  • From the vault: AbFab B4 AbFab

    From the vault: AbFab B4 AbFab

    In the early days of French and Saunders, the comedy duo created a sketch that would later become the sensational Absolutely Fabulous. This pre-Vicar role for Dawn French had her playing the daughter to Saunders’ mother character. Saunders later developed the idea for the BBC series back in 1992 and the rest is history. While the […]

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  • Only Fools and Horses prequel set to air

    Only Fools and Horses prequel set to air

    In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Only Fools and Horses creator/writer, John Sullivan, had some harsh words for the state of British comedy today. As creator of what has to be the most popular British comedy in the UK of all-time, Only Fools and Horses, which starred Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason, he has a […]

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  • Lennon Naked

    Lennon Naked

    We reported (and, admittedly, questioned) awhile back on the news that Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) was to play John Lennon in an upcoming feature for BBC4 called Lennon Naked. Haven’t seen any advance trailers as of yet, but if it’s anything like the just released photo of Eccleston as Lennon, I take back everything […]

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  • Being Human 2, at last

    Being Human 2, at last

    When you first hear the premise of Being Human, that being one of “ok, a group of twenty-somethings share a flat in Bristol and, oh yeah, one’s a vampire, one’s a werewolf and the third one’s a ghost”, it sounds like another pitch right out of the movie, The Player, trying to jump on the Twilight, […]

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  • Birthday salute to two Britcom giants – Richard Briers and Frank Thornton

    Birthday salute to two Britcom giants – Richard Briers and Frank Thornton

    Raise a collective glass wherever you are today and tomorrow and toast two of the great comedy icons that have graced the small screen for years on public television as they celebrate birthdays today, January 14, and tomorrow, January 15. Richard Briers (January 14) Better known to public television British comedy fans as both Tom […]

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  • Carol Cleveland, the 7th Python

    Carol Cleveland, the 7th Python

    When one thinks of the British comedy that started it all, Monty Python, the names of John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle immediately come to mind. That said, one cannot overlook the contributions of Carol Cleveland, who appeared in 30 of the 45 Python episodes. While Connie Booth, of […]

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  • Gervais hosts Golden Globes, looks back at The Office

    Gervais hosts Golden Globes, looks back at The Office

    The genius of Ricky Gervais will again take centerstage Sunday, January 17th as he hosts the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Personally, I can’t wait, especially after seeing the recent 60 Minutes interview with Gervais. That’s not all for Gervais and he continues his assault on America. In February, the co-creator, co-writer of The Office brings […]

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  • Lost Doctor Who episode?

    Lost Doctor Who episode?

    Now that we’ve seen David Tennant’s final days as The Doctor and his subsequent regeneration into the newest incarnation of the time-traveling Time Lord, Matt Smith, there comes word that some 30 years ago, back in December 1979, a six-part episode of Doctor Who, “Shada” with Tom Baker, was filmed but never transmitted. Seems inexplicable that […]

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