• Man-eating plants to roam Britain in 2011

    Man-eating plants to roam Britain in 2011

    Yet another “eagerly awaited” re-make premieres this week on BBC One when Eddie Izzard, Vanessa Redgrave and Dougray Scott star in, hopefully, a well-deserved re-do of John Wyndham’s 1951 novel, Day of the Triffids . Set in 2011, this new version, on the surface, seems like it has a lot going for it with some […]

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  • A Christmas Story with Ozzy Osbourne

    A Christmas Story with Ozzy Osbourne

    Before we leave the holidays behind for 2009, this was too good to pass up. Narrated by our very own Geoffrey Palmer, the BBC’s Grumpy Guide to Christmas was broadcast on BBC Two this past week. How can you go wrong with a show that’s billed as “middle-aged celebrities bring tales of festive humbug”. Got […]

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  • Turkey leftovers in Dibley, Bowie & Bing

    Turkey leftovers in Dibley, Bowie & Bing

    We end our salute to the ultimate holiday celebration, Britcom style, with the conclusion of the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Lunch. Geraldine has survived another year and it’s time for leftovers and charades. Wish Jim would have done Dr. No. Now that we have sufficiently celebrated the holidays, Britcom style, for your viewing and listening […]

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  • Thank goodness Owen's cows can't talk

    Thank goodness Owen's cows can't talk

    Owen longs to hear a human voice on Christmas Day and end his 38 year rejection string so even Geraldine can’t turn down Christmas lunch #4. Owen’s Christmas tripe may end her attendance at Christmas lunches forever. Later, all is forgotten when Tristan Campbell pops the question….is it time for Mel to go? In our […]

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  • A Dibley Christmas, pt 2 & Reg Dwight finally arrives

    A Dibley Christmas, pt 2 & Reg Dwight finally arrives

    The ultimate holiday celebration continues as Geraldine puts the finishing touches on the Christmas sermon with Alice, and then Owen, as her sounding board. Unfortunately, it’s downhill from there as the Vicar now has plans for Christmas lunch #3 with Alice. Well, as you would expect, the Christmas sermon comes off like clockwork. And, how […]

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  • A Dibley Christmas celebration, pt 1

    A Dibley Christmas celebration, pt 1

    The Vicar of Dibley: The Christmas Lunch Incident — The ultimate holiday celebration – Britcom style. It’s so brilliant, it may take us several days to celebrate appropriately. Starts out a day like any other day until Geraldine accepts Christmas lunch #1 with Frank and Jim. Then, it’s Christmas lunch #2 with David showing off […]

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  • The holidays – Hyacinth style

    The holidays – Hyacinth style

    Fortunately, the Chinese take-away, the Green Lotus, is closed for the day, so the Family Boxing Day candlelight supper can be enjoyed by all in attendance. But, what would the holidays be without Hyacinth? Who amongst us can beat Hyacinth’s record of 112 Christmas cards? Popularity does have its penalties, however, as Richard has run […]

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  • Christmas with Thermoman

    Christmas with Thermoman

    Next up in our holiday celebration, Britcom style — My Hero, where the concept of Christmas and Santa seem to confuse George Sunday, better known as Thermoman. It’s understandable, if you’re from Ultron, have two hearts, own a health food store and possess superpowers. Completely understandable, given the fact that Mrs. Raven and the Dawkins’ […]

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  • Christmas with the Goods

    Christmas with the Goods

    Is it just me or is Good Neighbors (The Good Life in the U.K.) more relevant today than it was 30+ years ago. For most PBS stations across the country, this was the first (if not the second) Britcom ever aired after Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith […]

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