• BBC Showcase – Brighton, UK

    BBC Showcase – Brighton, UK

    Greetings from BBC Showcase, Day one As you were, hopefully, sleeping the night away this morning, tellyspotting was arriving at the train station in Brighton, England ready to attend the 2010 BBC Showcase on your behalf. What is BBC Showcase, you may be asking yourself? In simple terms, it’s an incredible meeting put on by […]

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  • Lennon Naked

    Lennon Naked

    We reported (and, admittedly, questioned) awhile back on the news that Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) was to play John Lennon in an upcoming feature for BBC4 called Lennon Naked. Haven’t seen any advance trailers as of yet, but if it’s anything like the just released photo of Eccleston as Lennon, I take back everything […]

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  • Can a show jump the shark before it premieres?

    Can a show jump the shark before it premieres?

    The term “jumping the shark” has become synonymous with a point in the life of a television program or series where the plot spins off into a totally ridiculous scenario. It could be something as simple as having a wedding between two unlikely characters, having the main character miraculously kidnapped by their previously unknown evil […]

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  • Monty Python inadvertently causes Pub evacuation

    Monty Python inadvertently causes Pub evacuation

    Ok, I know this happened some time back, but it’s just too good to let go by. Seems as though a pub is East London was evacuated in early 2009 and a bomb disposal unit was called in to investigate a suspicious looking object in the corner of the pub. As reported in the London […]

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  • Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 2

    Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 2

    Must have been spot on with #6-10. No one has questioned anything yet. Maybe you’re waiting for #1-5 before letting me have it. Here goes: #5 – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – this London underground film revolves around a high stakes card that, not surprisingly, goes wrong leaving the boys with a week […]

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  • Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 1

    Top Ten Brit films of all time, part 1

    Seeing The Third Man on TCM last night starting me thinking about my all-time favorite “Brit” film. Not sure what physically constitutes a British film. Is it one produced at a UK studio, one that has an all-Brit cast, or one set in the UK? Whatever it is, here’s what I came up with for […]

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  • Happy 75th, Dame Dench

    Happy 75th, Dame Dench

    I don’t know about you, but there’s something about Dame Judi Dench turning 75 on Wednesday, December 9 and, simultaneously, the same week, being asked to appear in an upcoming Black Eyed Peas video that’s pretty darn cool. Seems as though after striking up a close friendship with singer Fergie during the filming of the […]

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  • I really want to get this, but just can't…

    I really want to get this, but just can't…

    Full disclosure, up front. Have never seen a cricket match in person. Sat in Gatwick Airport in London awhile back for a 7-hour layover and I really, really tried to hang at the sports pub and grasp the concept of cricket. Even with a local on each side of me trying to talk me through […]

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  • The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    Ok, having difficulty with this one. Am reading in the Guardian about BBC4 project. Former Doctor Who star, Christopher Eccleston, has been tagged to star in Lennon Naked, a film for the Beeb that looks at John Lennon’s life from 1967-1971. To me, Eccleston never seemed to warm to the idea of being the Ninth […]

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