• Tellyspotting's Book of Little Known Facts for the holidays

    Tellyspotting's Book of Little Known Facts for the holidays

    As we approach the holiday season, chances are you could find yourself grasping for that elusive conversation starter that we all desperately seek at one time or another. What better way to both start a conversation and immediately let it be known that you are intelligent AND have a sense of humor than to lob […]

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  • Doh! Weren't you in….

    Doh! Weren't you in….

    That’s the question that viewers often ask when watching British comedy on public television. It’s not unusual to see your favorite British comedy actor or actress step out of the roles that we have become friends with over the years and stretch themselves using their formal training in period drama, contemporary drama, hit movies, American “sitcoms” […]

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  • Doctor Who….meet Dr. House

    Doctor Who….meet Dr. House

    David Tennant, the current host of the Masterpiece Contemporary series on PBS  and KERA, will make his U.S. television debut in an NBC pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. With his tenure on the long-running Doctor Who series coming to an end where he was, without question, THE best doctor ever, Tennant will star as a top Chicago […]

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  • Happy 70th, Mr. Cleese

    Happy 70th, Mr. Cleese

    What better way to celebrate John Cleese’s 70th birthday than with a look back at, perhaps, the two most classic clips from the greatest British comedy of all time. I will admit, however, that I’m feeling the same way about hearing John Cleese turned 70 on October 27 as I did when seeing the 25th […]

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  • And you thought the UK wasn't funny

    And you thought the UK wasn't funny

    Next time you travel to the UK, take a break from the pubs and think about a comedy tour of England, which boasts not only numerous birthplaces of your favorite Britcom stars, but you can quickly check out places like Yorkshire, home to the longest-running sitcom on television, Last of the Summer Wine. You can […]

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  • Dateline NYC (1964) – Britain invades U.S.

    Dateline NYC (1964) – Britain invades U.S.

    When I think of British television, I immediately think of classic comedy, drama, mystery and nature programming. But, you have to think of music also. Without question, the Brits have also had a history of creating some of the most influential music television for over 40 years with series like The Old Grey Whistle Test […]

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  • Not the Messiah…Python style

    Not the Messiah…Python style

    Spamalot creator and original Monty Python member, Eric Idle, has once again put pen to paper for a one-night only ‘humorous oratorio’ based on The Life of Brian that will see its European premiere (and close) Friday, October 23 at Royal Albert Hall in London. Billed as being “like Handel only funnier”, Not the Messiah […]

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  • Red Dwarf returns – S10 in 2010?

    Red Dwarf returns – S10 in 2010?

    On the heels of the much-anticipated arrival in America of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth comes a recent cryptic ‘tweet’ from actor Robert Llewellyn (Kryten). In less that 140 characters, Llewellyn reports that scripts for the 10th season of the series, to be written by Doug Naylor, have been commissioned and should begin filming sometime […]

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  • MI5 – 100 years in the making

    MI5 – 100 years in the making

    If you are a fan of the BBC series, MI5, then this is the book for you. The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 by Christopher Andrew is a must read. At just over 1000 pages, it’s a long read, but worth the effort. It’s more of a history lesson than it is […]

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