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  • British Airways’ new pre-flight safety video will be one you actually pay attention to!

    Beginning Friday, 1 September, air travelers on British Airways will experience first hand a new pre-flight safety video created in conjunction with Comic Relief, the U.K. charity behind Red Nose Day. The video features a number of celebrities auditioning for a coveted part in the new video while simultaneously demonstrating the safety features and procedures on […]

  • Starbug heads to Earth as RDXII confirmed for Autumn premiere on Dave

    What started in 1988 as a simple low-budget sitcom set in deep space will kick off the series’ 30th anniversary this Autumn with the release of the next set of six episodes, affectionately known as RDXII, taped in early 2016 at Pinewood Studios.  At times, cast and crew, who probably spent years sitting by themselves at the BBC commissary when they were the […]

  • Jodie Whittaker takes the keys to the TARDIS as 13th Doctor

    Moments after Roger Federer defeated Croatia’s Marin Čilić at Wimbledon in three straight sets to win the Wimbledon Mens Finals, and after 54 years, the BBC announced The Doctor is finally a woman.  Despite the Time Lord’s being able to regenerate as women, as demonstrated when Michelle Gomez became The Master/Missy, the traveling Time Lord at the […]

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