Black Knight meets Black Friday shoppers
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  • Red Nose Day USA returns with Craig Ferguson at the helm

    Red Nose Day USA has secured the brilliance of Craig Ferguson to host the 2nd annual fundraising special to be broadcast May 26 on NBC. This is excellent news given that I’m still bitter over that fact that the former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was not tagged as David Letterman’s replacement when he retired […]

  • Equal time: Failed British re-makes of American telly

    If you been with Tellyspotting as a P1 since day one or if you have joined the conversation at any point over the course of the last six plus years you are probably acutely aware of my lack of tolerance for poorly done American television remakes of British television output. This holds true mostly in […]

  • Could scheduling restrictions possibly be headed BBC’s way?

    Time for one of my Howard Beale moments while pondering where the heck is Lewis Black when you need him. Reading the stories in a number of Sunday papers in the UK suggesting the government is about to impose much greater restrictions on when the BBC can schedule its favorite shows, one has to wonder about its priorities […]