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  • It worked for the Monty Python’s Holy Grail, why not Shaun of the Dead?

    Monty Python‘s first foray into film was a compilation of sketches from their first two television series called And Now For Something Completely Different. While Monty Python and the Holy Grail was considered the comedy troupe’s first “proper” film, it was immediately hailed as comic genius and achieved widespread success both from a critical and audience standpoint.It still lives on […]

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  • After 30 years, ‘Red Nose Day’ finally lands in America

    The UK institution known as Red Nose Day has landed in America. Who knew the flight from Great Britain to America would take right at three decades. The 25+ year staple of a night of BBC 1 programming and the UK’s #1 television fundraising effort finally makes its way across the pond and will be […]

  • First glimpse of David Brent and his new ‘Life on the Road’

    Since the early 2000’s, David Brent has been considered Britain’s favorite middle manager in The Office. Ten years later, having cashed in his pension, the former manager of the Slough branch of Wernham Hogg Paper Merchants started a new career as a talent manager in the music industry, trying to help urban solo artist Dom […]

  • Lavish ‘Queen Victoria’ up next for ‘Poldark’ producers

    In their endless search for the ‘next Downton Abbey’, ITV has commissioned Mammoth Screen, the producers of Poldark, to produce a sweeping eight-part series which will focus on the early life of Queen Victoria, Britain’s longest reigning monarch (63 years) who leaves childhood behind when she ascends the throne at the tender age of 18. Novelist […]