Unshot scene from Doctor Who reveals Ponds' future
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  • UK’s bedtime stories for big kids, Crackanory, lures ‘Reverend Jim’ across the pond

    There are far more reasons than the law allows for the fact that I continue to believe that British telly is by far superior to its distant cousin from America. Let us, for a moment, forget about the perennial examples of Spooks vs. 24, Fawlty Towers vs. ‘insert any American comedy series here‘ or Doctor Who vs. ‘every science fiction […]

  • Almost time to get your ‘Doctor Who’ on….

    It’s almost time to put on your bow tie, pick up your sonic screwdriver, put a sprig of celery in your lapel, take K-9 out, grab some jelly babies and board your own personal TARDIS. Doctor Who 9 is nigh upon us. For those that just can’t wait until the series 9 premiere on 19 September, BBC Worldwide North America […]

  • #LastDaysofDownton begins as filming comes to a close

    As the sun begins to set on the final series of our beloved Downton Abbey, cast and crew have begun to bid a final fond farewell to all the locations and the characters that have meant so much to them over the past six years, not to mention the personal farewell’s to their fellow actors. With the […]