Unshot scene from Doctor Who reveals Ponds' future
  • Dame Maggie Smith swaps Downton Abbey for Alan Bennett’s driveway

    Instead of having to forever wonder just “What is a weekend?” or endlessly question the need for electricity, Dame Maggie Smith has opted to swap her trademark Dowager Countess hat and dress for a knit cap and dirty raincoat (just for a bit, Downton Abbey fans) for her forthcoming role in playwright Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the […]

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  • Post Downton Abbey, Sesame Street spoofs ‘House of Cards’

    For a bit of a different take on the classic Three Little Pigs story, Sesame Street had to look no further than the  House of Cards for their next parody target. The American version with Kevin Spacey, not the brilliant BBC series with Ian Richardson. Given the British focus of Tellyspotting, I find myself a bit […]

  • ‘Hoff the Record’ at BBC Showcase in Liverpool

    For those of you that may not be familiar with the annual BBC Showcase in Liverpool, this is the annual event put on by BBC Worldwide which showcases what’s coming up on the BBC in the forthcoming year. Approximately 750 TV programmers from around the world are in attendance for 5 days of non-stop, intense […]

  • Celebrating ‘Wolf Hall’ at Liverpool Cathedral

    It was an amazing night at the Liverpool Cathedral during the 2015 BBC Showcase. Wolf Hall stars Mark Rylance, Jonathan Pryce and director, Peter Kosminsky joined about 750 of their closest friends on Tuesday to celebrate the brilliance that is Wolf Hall. Currently broadcasting on BBC One and coming to PBS on Sunday, April 5 at 10p […]