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  • Dame Diana Rigg added to ‘Victoria’ cast for S2

    As series one of what everyone hopes has already planted the flag as ‘the next Downton Abbey‘, Victoria, starring Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes, has begun filming on series 2. Thankfully, while U.S. viewers watching on PBS’ Masterpiece have only until Sunday, March 5 to wait until the S1 finale (followed by a newly produced Victoria After Party hosted by Jonathan […]

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  • Skip the Oscars and binge-watch ‘Victoria’ today/tonight on PBS!

    Traditional audiences for the Academy Awards usually fall into two categories. One, you spend the evening lamenting over the fact you haven’t see all the movies even though ‘this year was going to be different’ and you find yourself not knowing why the winner in a certain category was a complete surprise or, two, you’ve […]

  • Could ‘Downton Abbey’ open its doors once again?

    Ever since Mr. Carson shuttered the doors and pocketed the keys to Downton Abbey, there have been endless and/or countless (depends on which is considered more) rumors that the Dowager Countess would soon be walking the halls of Downton again even with all that electricity floating around through the air. Would Sir Julian Fellowes actually ‘get […]

  • The Queen and Almonzo reunite as filming begins on S2 of ‘Victoria’

    Much like the on-screen chemistry between Captain Ross Poldark and Shamus, the horse from Poldark, Almonzo, the white horse that shared a lot of quality screen time in the first series of Victoria, was gleefully reunited with what looks to be an equally happy Jenna Coleman recently as the cast and crew reconvened to begin filming for series 2. […]