• Carol Cleveland, the 7th Python

    Carol Cleveland, the 7th Python

    When one thinks of the British comedy that started it all, Monty Python, the names of John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle immediately come to mind. That said, one cannot overlook the contributions of Carol Cleveland, who appeared in 30 of the 45 Python episodes. While Connie Booth, of […]

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  • Can a show jump the shark before it premieres?

    Can a show jump the shark before it premieres?

    The term “jumping the shark” has become synonymous with a point in the life of a television program or series where the plot spins off into a totally ridiculous scenario. It could be something as simple as having a wedding between two unlikely characters, having the main character miraculously kidnapped by their previously unknown evil […]

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  • Gervais hosts Golden Globes, looks back at The Office

    Gervais hosts Golden Globes, looks back at The Office

    The genius of Ricky Gervais will again take centerstage Sunday, January 17th as he hosts the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Personally, I can’t wait, especially after seeing the recent 60 Minutes interview with Gervais. That’s not all for Gervais and he continues his assault on America. In February, the co-creator, co-writer of The Office brings […]

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  • Red Dwarf Smeg-Ups & Kumars at No.42

    Red Dwarf Smeg-Ups & Kumars at No.42

    While it looks so easy when the final product hits the air, seeing some of the behind-the-scenes footage always gives me just a little more insight into the importance that overall cast chemistry plays in the collective success of Britcoms. Without trying to throw their American counterparts under the bus, it seems as though British […]

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  • Monty Python inadvertently causes Pub evacuation

    Monty Python inadvertently causes Pub evacuation

    Ok, I know this happened some time back, but it’s just too good to let go by. Seems as though a pub is East London was evacuated in early 2009 and a bomb disposal unit was called in to investigate a suspicious looking object in the corner of the pub. As reported in the London […]

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  • Happy 55 – Rowan Atkinson

    Happy 55 – Rowan Atkinson

    Rowan Atkinson turns 55 today. From this end, all we can do is wish him a Happy Birthday. He’s given us the gift of laughter over the years beginning with Not the Nine O’Clock News, then Blackadder, Mr. Bean and, finally, The Thin Blue Line. Stops along the way for specials like Bernard and the […]

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  • CarPool w/ Krytie anyone?

    CarPool w/ Krytie anyone?

    Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf fame, has embarked on a really cool project called CarPool with Robert Llewellyn. This weekly video podcast was started just over a year ago by Llewellyn and takes place in Robert’s hybrid/electric car. Past passengers have included individuals whose work you are probably are very familiar with, but might not know the name, […]

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  • French & Saunders end 24-year partnership as Jam cancelled

    French & Saunders end 24-year partnership as Jam cancelled

    They started together in Girls on Top in 1985, continued through French & Saunders, collaborated on numerous Comic Relief sketches and, ultimately, now end with the cancellation of their latest three year collaboration of Jam and Jerusalem. In between, some incredibly successful individual efforts with Murder Most Horrid, Wild West and Vicar of Dibley from […]

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  • Happy 2010 from Tellyspotting!

    Happy 2010 from Tellyspotting!

    Can’t tell you what a blast this has been so far since the beginning of Tellyspotting. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three months since the initial post on October 1. Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has followed us on @tellyspotting, has accessed the blog whether it be once a […]

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