• Select your all-time Britcoms…now!

    Select your all-time Britcoms…now!

    Thanks to everyone who voted and, more importantly, thanks for doing my job the last several days. FYI, results are being tabulated as we speak, picking specific episodes from the series you voted in to the marathon. Don’t forget to tune in to KERA Channel 13, Saturday, October 10, 2009 from 7:00p-5:00a, for the 35th […]

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  • Time for Tellyspotting!

    Time for Tellyspotting!

    Welcome to Tellyspotting – Your Brit TV Pub! From Peter Cook to Ricky Gervais and from Upstairs/Downstairs to MI5 (Spooks), the Brits produce some of the best shows on television. As Vice President of Television Programming at KERA (Dallas/Ft. Worth), I have a job that affords me the opportunity to screen and evaluate much of the […]

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