Ridley Road — begins tonight on PBS’ Masterpiece!
  • Masterpiece to adapt Gill Hornby’s ‘Miss Austen’ for PBS!

    While this is definitely not Jane Austen's first rodeo on PBS whether it be earlier adaptations of Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Emma or even the most recent adaption of Austen's previously unfinished work (Sanditon), news of a somewhat different type of Austen adaptation has fans worldwide eagerly anticipating the forthcoming small screen version of Gill Hornby's critically-acclaimed Miss Austen which focuses on the life of the author herself.

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  • The generational legacy of the greatness of Dave Allen

    Not long after Monty Python's Flying Circus's October 1974 premiere on KERA-TV in Dallas, one of my earliest memories of watching British comedy on public television was to 'religiously' watch Dave Allen at Large....a somewhat non-descript sketch/standup/sitdown comedy series featuring an intellectually brilliant Irish comedian that sat in a high bar stool with a seemingly bottomless glass of whiskey.

  • Check in to ‘Hotel Portofino’ tonight on PBS then stick around for the return of ‘Endeavour’!

    Set in the breathtakingly beautiful resort town of Portofino, Hotel Portofino is about personal awakening at a time of global upheaval in the traumatic aftermath of World War I and of the liberating influence of Italy's enchanting culture, climate and cuisine on elite British travelers. Premiering tonight at 8pET/7pCT on PBS, Hotel Portofino tells the story of the Ainsworth family that has relocated from Britain to open an upscale hotel on the Italian coastline. Once you meet the cast of characters, both Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey come to mind....if they happened to be set in 1920 Italy.

  • What’s in store for the cast of ‘Endeavour’ as S8 begins this Sunday on PBS!

    With Sunday’s return of Endeavour prominently marked on our calendars, Masterpiece is giving everyone a quick recap as to where we ended series 7 just over a year ago. Lest you forget, a lot has happened and a lot is getting ready to happen so this will be a must read leading up to Sunday’s return on your local PBS […]

  • First look: ‘Death in Paradise’ Christmas special 2022

    Our first look at the forthcoming Death in Paradise Christmas Special has Ralf Little (DI Neville Parker) and Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson) all smiles — most likely because production has just begun and there are no victims and no murders to solve as of yet. As with series 11, series 12 will be comprised of 8 […]

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