It appears Saint Marie will be getting a new sheriff, or DI, for ‘Death in Paradise’ S14!

Ralf Little as Neville Parker and Joséphine Jobert as Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise. Photo: BBC

With the sun finally setting last night on series 13 of Death in Paradise, we will resist the temptation and urge to begin wild speculation and refrain from too many spoilers given the series has yet to have its small screen premiere on your local public television station in the U.S. at this point.

It is clear from last night’s finale on BBC1, DI Neville Parker’s time on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie as head of the Honoré Police Department appears to have come to an end…accent on appears at this point.

If true, DI Parker’ time on Saint Marie lasted a year longer than his predecessors with DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) lasting 3 seasons only to have his time end on the island at the wrong end of an ice pick, DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) arriving to investigate the death of his predecessor and staying on the island permanently as the new detective for seasons 4-6, after his wife informs him she is leaving him.

Goodman’s replacement on Saint Marie was DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon), a recent widower who was grieving the loss of his wife and who assisted the team on a case in London. He remained on the island from season 6 until mid-way through series 9.

Mid-way through series 9, enter DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) . DI Parker initially dislikes being on the island (surprise!) and has severe allergies, especially to mosquito bites. He comes to the island only because they need a British detective to sign off on a case, and is forced to stay longer after a period of illness renders him temporarily unfit to travel. Ultimately, he decides to remain on the island and eventually warms to the island lifestyle for almost 4+ series.

Over 13 series, critics have called the crime drama unremarkable and an undemanding detective show with nice Caribbean scenery and a formulaic approach to its plots, Death in Paradise remains in the top three most popular programs on British television.

As more of a fan of the series and definitely not a critic, is there really anything wrong with being nice to look at, somewhat formulaic and just demanding enough to where you really immerse yourself into the island culture and become friends with the inhabitants? It’s definitely not Luther or Happy Valley but, that’s ok! They are clearly doing something rights as they currently have 107 episodes and 13 series in the can.

Now, let the internet games begin to see who replaces DI Parker as the next head of the Honoré Police Department. My money is on @TVSanjeev, Sanjeev Bhaskar (Kumars at No 42, Unforgotten, Yesterday). Any one else care to venture a guess?

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  • Dana Nield

    I think Romesh Raganathan playing a police version of Romesh Raganathan would be perfect.

  • Amy Post

    Sanjeev Bhaskar would be outstanding! Or maybe Meera Syal, if she isn’t too busy with Mrs. Sidhu?