Select your all-time Britcoms…now!

Thanks to everyone who voted and, more importantly, thanks for doing my job the last several days. FYI, results are being tabulated as we speak, picking specific episodes from the series you voted in to the marathon. Don’t forget to tune in to KERA Channel 13, Saturday, October 10, 2009 from 7:00p-5:00a, for the 35th Anniversary British Comedy Celebration and Marathon. Programs that you voted in will air from 12mid until 5:00a, late Saturday night. Stop by earlier that evening from 7p-12mid for the world premiere of Monty Python Before and After, all made possible by your continued support.

Pick your favorite Britcoms:

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  • Where’s “The Young Ones”?

    • Paul, unfortunately, we don’t own broadcast rights at the moment, but will definitely log your vote for Young Ones. Always loved the Human League dance during the party segment with Jennifer Saunders as the guest.

  • Bobb

    Three is just not enough!

    • Totally understand. Maybe you can log in from home, then at work, and get in your top six choices.

  • Adam Keith

    Where’s Goodnight Sweetheart?

    • Adam, currently don’t own broadcast rights but will count your vote for GS. Hopefully, series coming back to schedule in Spring. New Nick Lyndhurst series to start in January ’10.

  • Love almost all of the comedies! You may not own the rights to Vicar of Dibley but please count my vote for this incredibly clever comedy! I also have to agree with the vote for Goodnight Sweetheart, as well! Thank you so much for showing these comedies, there is no other channel out there that airs these classics!

    Any chance of showing them a little earlier on Sunday evenings? I have to work the next day and it’s always a challenge to stay awake to watch my favorite night of tv with PBS. Unfortunately, we don’t have TIVO or a DVR. THANKS!

    • Cindy, brain freeze on my part leaving off the Vicar from the list. Not to worry, however, I think VOD will show up in the marathon as a write in candidate. In the meantime, you can enjoy on Saturday nights now with Chef. Unfortunately, earlier on Sunday is impossible given the commitment to Masterpiece broadcast.

      • Where’s Red Dwarf? Red Dwarf gets my vote

  • Where’s ‘Allo ‘Allo? I’d love to see that included.

  • Jessica

    Where’s My Hero, My Family, Only Fools and Horses, and The Royle Family?! I loved the three day marathon you guys had five years ago.

  • Traci McMurray

    Thanks for the choices. I’d like to go on record as saying no Red Dwart and no Chef! made me a little sad, though. I’m THRILLED to be catching ‘Allo, ‘Allo again, this season, though. THANKS!!!!

    • Kim Dotson

      I would give anything for a nice November Good Neighbors marathon.

      I also would love to see Vicar of Dibley on the list.

      What is the date of said marathon? If in October I will have to dvr due to haunt committments.

      • Kim….marathon is this Saturday, October 10. New Monty Python special will air from 7-10p and then best of Python clips from 10p-12a, then the marathon of voted on Britcoms will be 12mid-5am.

  • Pia

    Waiting for God was wonderful… will that be coming back again?

    • JamesT

      My vote is for Vicar of Dibley. I love that show.

    • Pia…definitely a possibility. I remember the uproar it caused taking it off the air the first time for some “new” comedy called Keeping Up Appearances. Was called many things that week for taking the “funniest show on the air” off and putting on KUA.

      • Scott Ellerman

        Bill, I know they’re not “Britcoms” in the sense that they’re not sitcoms, but is there any chance of getting some of the better UK panel shows on KERA? Like “Mock The Week” or “Have I Got News For You” or “QI” or “Argumental?” It’s almost impossible to watch these (legally) in America and yet they’re hilarious.

  • Rob Hamilton

    I love “Spaced”…that was a great Britcom….oh one day it will air. I’ve got faith in you KERA 🙂

    • Great, early Simon Pegg. If you don’t know it, everyone should check it out. Not sure U.S. rights exist, but will look in to it.

  • Lynn Recktenwald

    Absolutely Fabulous
    Red Dwarf
    Monty Python’s Flying Circus ????

  • Mel

    Where’s Red Dwarf and Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

    Vicar of Dibley would have been a good contender as well!

  • Robert

    In addition to the two choices above, we’d like to write in Vicar of Dibley. Thanks for starting to carry it again!

  • Jessica

    Yes, “Mock The Week” please! I love Hugh Dennis more as a news person than a doctor, love “The Now Show” on Radio 4!

    • Lauren

      I love My Family and My Hero. And too bad I missed the vote because I would have added another to Fawlty Towers!

      Any chance for Little Britain or the real The Office?

      • @Lauren, sorry you missed vote. FT, obviously, made the cut. I could never get in to My Family – too “American” in style. To me, My Hero went way down hill when Ardal O’Hanlon left. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • danny fulce

    Try and get get some of the PYTHON’s to come someday….. and where is BUTTERFLIES ?

    • Kevin

      How about “One Foot In The Grave” with Richard Wilson? That series has to be one of the best written television comedies ever.

      • @Kevin, never caught on here for some reason. Saw Richard Wilson in a series, Britain’s Best Drives, recently and he was the same old lovable Victor.

    • @Danny, came close this week, but timing was bad as our 35th anniversary is also their 40th. They’ve got a big event at Royal Albert Hall, then New York for an award this week. Definitely a possibility down the road. Butterflies will be back. Just interviewed Geoffrey Palmer and Carla Lane for a PBS special on writers. You forget how good it was until you see clips again.

  • diane

    Spaced is now available in the US- complete series (I have the region 2 dvds).
    Hardware is another great series that KERA showed once- great cast. Just released on Region 2 DVD this year. The series was WAY TOO SHORT because it was quite funny.

    Green Wing is another one that was completely missed here in the States and is BRILLIANT!

    Absolutely loved Waiting For God!!! and of course Keeping Up Appearances. My ring tone on my cell is Mrs. Bucket answering the phone. Hilarious. Chef, Vicar of Dibley all good stuff. I just realized that the pilots were shown in the past few weeks- good stuff as I hadn’t seen them in a while or ever in the case of Red Dwarf.

    Thank goodness for the oldies but goodies…how else would I fall asleep on Sunday nights without the laughter of KUP and Are You Being Served? (always been one of my long time favorites!)


    • Johnny

      I agree, where is Red Dwarf and Monty Python?

    • @diane Was sorry to see Hardware end after only two seasons. Had everything going for it with Martin Freeman and written by Simon Nye. Oh, well, what do I know…

  • kirk

    I love all the comedys some more than others. I was watching the 2 new shows you was testing for this fall and noticed that Tony Dow was one of the directors is that same Tony Dow from leave it to beaver show?

  • Paul Barrett

    My vote is for anything that hasn’t been shown to death.
    (I liked Keeping Up Appearances the first 5 or 6 run-throughs, but now if I never see it again, that’s fine with me.)
    How about Solo, You Must Be The Husband, Executive Stress, Brittas Empire, A Bit of Fry & Laurie… Or is there anything NEW that hasn’t been seen on this side of the pond?

  • CC Webster

    A few years ago, you aired a Britcom marathon over a weekend. That was wonderful programming! It was great seeing shows, such as, Fresh Fields and Executive Stress. It would be great if you could bring back some of the Britcoms KERA aired in the early 80’s.

  • I LOVE As Time Goes By, but would also like to see May to December. I really like Keeping up Appearances, but would like to see Waiting for God. I’m glad Vicar of Dibley is back, as well.

    • @Sherry, Waiting for God will most likely return in early 2010 along with a couple of new series, After You’ve Gone with Nicholas Lyndhurst, The Old Guys with Clive Swift and Roger Lloyd Pack and Kumars at No. 42 with Sanjeev Bhaskar.

  • jacovny

    Goode Neighbors
    Keeping Up Appearances
    Are You Being Served?
    Mother & Son
    Father Ted
    Open All Hours

    Have not watched KERA since they took Are You Being Served? away!