Red Dwarf 'Carbug' up for auction

If you’re in the mood for a slightly used one-of-a-kind auto that proudly boasts the ability to go from ‘naught-60’ in three weeks (Top Gear here we come) and does have a television credit, the customized 1999 Smart Car from the Red Dwarf: Back to Earth series goes up for auction on October 29. Good news – it runs and is drivable. Bad news – it’s not road legal without modifications. Remember not to make any noticeable movement unless you’re willing to bid. Any takers?

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    So what did this go thru the auction at?

    • According to the official Red Dwarf website, the Carbug sold for 6,300 pounds at auction. There seems to be some conflicting totals on other sites, but I would tend to go with the ‘official’ RD site numbers.