Red Dwarf returns – S10 in 2010?

images-1On the heels of the much-anticipated arrival in America of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth comes a recent cryptic ‘tweet’ from actor Robert Llewellyn (Kryten). In less that 140 characters, Llewellyn reports that scripts for the 10th season of the series, to be written by Doug Naylor, have been commissioned and should begin filming sometime in 2010. Unfortunately, the long wait for the 3-part, series 9 (10 years after the end of series 8), wasn’t long enough as, while exceedingly popular with audiences in the UK, they met with less than favorable critical acclaim.

The Genius of S1-8

With a reported fan base that includes former President Bill Clinton, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, actor Patrick Stewart and popular TV chef Ainsley Harriot, series 1-8 featured some of the most innovative story lines in years. Lets hope for a return to S1-8 greatness when S10 hits the screen. Red-Dwarf-Back-to-Earth-001

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