PBS stations discover Life on Mars in 2010!

From the producers of MI-5, comes Life on Mars, one of the most innovative programs in years and, yet, another brilliant British series that recently failed as an American re-make. Ok, sure we all hear voices from time to time, but DI Sam Tyler hears voices of the 21st century calling him back from solving real-world crimes, 1973 style. Aside from the superb acting talents of John Simm as Sam (State of Play) and Philip Glenister (Cranford) as DCI Hunt, the music is stellar. Look for the series to premiere on many PBS stations nationwide in 2010.

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  • Dru Thomson

    wondering why you go off the air all the time. Drives me nuts!

    I live in Denison and reception isn’t always the greatest, but adequate. Very often though, I’ll be listening and you just disappear. Sometimes for quite a while. Que pasa?

    thanks – you’re a fabulous station. Exceptional programs!
    Dru Thomson

    • Dru: Send contact information to e-mail address in the “contact us” button at top of the tellyspotting homepage and I’ll get one of our engineers to give you a call to see what’s up. You mentioned “listening”. Are you talking about KERA90.1, KXT 91.7 or KERA Channel 13? Be happy to help to see if we can figure it out. If KERA Channel 13, will need info as to how you receive us. Cable, satellite, over the air, etc.

  • Bonita Gudino

    Is life on mars coming back in 2012?