Ladies of Letters – Civilized cattiness at it's finest

Aptly described in the British press as “Talking Heads meets Keeping Up Appearances“, the highly successful BBC Radio 4 series, Ladies of Letters, recently made the always dangerous leap to television. Thanks, in large part, to the wonderful acting talents of Maureen Lipman (Irene Spencer) and Anne Reid (Vera Small) , Letters takes the long-running radio success and meets this new medium that uses video head on with great success.

By forging a “relationship” via letters, Irene and Vera constantly battle civility in their repeated attempts to one-up the other. They may be a tad older than the cast of Desperate Housewives, but they can be equally as catty.

Look for the series to come to KERA (and many public television stations across the country) in January 2010. Over the next month, we’ll attempt to feature clips of new programs that will hit the air beginning in 2010. Comment away if you have any feedback, suggestions or interest in new offerings from across the pond. E-mail us at with your thoughts.

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