Doctor Who….meet Dr. House

TennantDavid Tennant, the current host of the Masterpiece Contemporary series on PBS  and KERA, will make his U.S. television debut in an NBC pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. With his tenure on the long-running Doctor Who series coming to an end where he was, without question, THE best doctor ever, Tennant will star as a top Chicago lawyer that suffers from panic attacks. 

Hugh LaurieTennant follows the path of another brilliant British actor, Hugh Laurie, who stars in the medical drama, House, and who has become a household name on this side of the pond. Now, if they could only land Billie Piper, too, we’d be in business.

Pirate Radio screening reminder!

Don’t forget the Pirate Radio drawing for reserved seats to the Nov 12 screening at Studio Movie Grill. Send jpeg photo of favorite rock ‘n’ roll concert ticket stub to by midnight, Monday, November 9. See previous post for details, etc.

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  • Anglophilesouth

    It almost looks like you were trying to start a fight with your emphatic statement about David Tennant being the best Doctor “without question,” but I happen to agree with you. Poor Matt Smith, what a phone box he has to fill. I’d also add a vote for Billie Piper’s “Rose” as the best Dr. Who companion ever. So, we agree that David Tennant is the quintessential Time Lord; do you have a favorite runner-up from among the other nine? I am a Tom Baker fan, as well.

    • @Anglophilesouth: Just stating facts as I see ’em. As far as #2 (no reference to The Prisoner here) I’d say a toss up between Tom Baker and Peter Davison. I’m afraid Sylvester McCoy was too much like Wally Cox for me.