MI5 – more suspense than the law allows

Tonight on KERA Channel 13 in Dallas, season 5 of MI5 begins at 9:00pm. This is appointment television, people. This is must see TV. If you missed any of seasons 1-4, Tom was set up to look like he had turned, then decommissioned and forced to leave the service, ultimately, cleared of any wrongdoing. Zoe goes on trial for conspiracy to murder, is sentenced to 10 years in prison, but avoids prison and is “sent” to Chile with a new life and identity when MI5 arranges for a replacement to serve the time.

Then, Adam takes Tom’s place and has to choose who dies, Fiona, his wife, or Danny. Well, Danny’s dead,  Fiona goes undercover and meets up with her ex-husband, a Syrian secret service agent, then dies in Adam’s arms when he shoots her, Ruth’s friend and former MI5 agent, Angela, wants to prove that Harry had Princess Diana assassinated. That’s just seasons 1-4. Deep breath. Caught up? Good. Now, a look at season 5.

In: Action/Drama