MI5 – more suspense than the law allows

Tonight on KERA Channel 13 in Dallas, season 5 of MI5 begins at 9:00pm. This is appointment television, people. This is must see TV. If you missed any of seasons 1-4, Tom was set up to look like he had turned, then decommissioned and forced to leave the service, ultimately, cleared of any wrongdoing. Zoe goes on trial for conspiracy to murder, is sentenced to 10 years in prison, but avoids prison and is “sent” to Chile with a new life and identity when MI5 arranges for a replacement to serve the time.

Then, Adam takes Tom’s place and has to choose who dies, Fiona, his wife, or Danny. Well, Danny’s dead,  Fiona goes undercover and meets up with her ex-husband, a Syrian secret service agent, then dies in Adam’s arms when he shoots her, Ruth’s friend and former MI5 agent, Angela, wants to prove that Harry had Princess Diana assassinated. That’s just seasons 1-4. Deep breath. Caught up? Good. Now, a look at season 5.

In: Action/Drama

  • Melissa L

    I absolutely love MI-5 and have been watching/DVRing it faithfully every week. I’m so thrilled that KERA is showing the series. I do hope that you continue to show it up to season 8. I have quite a few shows that I record on Thursday but it is MI-5 that I look forward to the most. Thank you so much!

    • @Melissa: FYI, KERA has just purchased seasons 7 and 8 for broadcast. Glad you are enjoying. Clear some DVR time for Life on Mars coming to KERA in early 2010. From the same producers as MI-5. Would love to know what you think of it.

  • Carol Chang

    Dear Mr. Bill Young:

    I am a loyal fan of MI-5, but my best viewing experience requires Closed Captioning. Sometimes, I find that CC is not on, as happened last Thursday, 11/26/2009. I had recorded a few minutes of the show after MI-5, which showed CC, but throughout the hour of MI-5, CC was not there. Just wanted to alert you, in case this is within KERA’s local control. When this has happened before, I usually catch it again on Saturday night at 11pm, and generally, it has had CC then, but due to the pledge drive, I am guessing MI-5 will not be coming back on air until after 12/14. I am hoping they will be showing the 11/26 episode sometime soon again with CC, so I can understand EVERYTHING said. That British accent combined with spy talk makes it hard for me to understand sometimes. MI-5 and “Waking The Dead” are the 2 shows that make me a loyal supporter of PBS. They are uniquely superb.


    • @Carol: First, thank you for being a loyal fan of MI-5. Rest assured that all episodes will be aired in the Saturday night repeat slot and none will be missed. The episode you are talking about from Nov 26 will be repeated on Saturday, Dec 26 at 11:00pm. It will be followed at 12mid by a repeat of the Thursday, Dec 17 episode. Ultimately, we will catch up to where the Saturday broadcast is a repeat of that week’s Thursday episode but it will take a few weeks. I will check on the issue of the CC and make sure it’s there for the Dec 26 repeat.

  • Jack

    It’s great that KERA is continuing to air MI-5. That being said, why is it no longer listed in the programming list? Is it just me?

    • @Jack: I’d love to be able to say it’s just you, but I went and looked on KERA website and it’s not there. I’m assuming that’s where you are talking about is on the KERA A-Z list of programs on the homepage. I’ll see what I can find out on Monday and have it put back in. FYI, we just acquired seasons 7-8 so now own all programs that exist in the series. Glad you are enjoying.

  • Pam Jurlina


    I, too, am wondering where are the next episodes of MI5. We looooove that show. It is our favorite of all TV shows and we, too, were wondering where it is on the line up for December. We looked on Thursday night, Saturday night, and Monday when it was shown in the month of November–and no MI5. Please, please put it back on with reruns, too, because I am not sure that we saw all of the episodes. We could see them all over, and over again, because the suspense is so good!!! We would also like the closed captioning to help with understanding that British accent.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful suspense, mystery program. Please don’t stop it!!


    • @Pam: Not to worry. All back to normal beginning Thursday, Dec 17 at 9pm with episode #140 (set 5, ep 4). We’ll pick up right where we left off in November. If you’re watching on Saturday or Monday, watch the schedule closely as repeats will be tricky for a bit given the pledge pre-emptions. Whenever you watch, you won’t miss an episode. Glad we have you hooked. Best show on television. FYI, we just acquired sets 7 and 8 with intentions of acquiring set 9 when produced next summer.

      • Jack

        Was a new episode of MI-5 broadcast on Christmas Eve (12/24/09)? If so, have I now missed all of the re-broadcasts of that episode?


  • Barry Young

    What happened to MI-5 episode # 52(issued 18 Aug 2009) that would have been part 2 of 2 (following “Ros caught in Saudi Embassy”#51 played here 7 Jan 2010)??????
    What happened to episode #56 of MI-5…?????????
    (issue date about 15 Sept 09)
    It has not played after #55…
    What happened to #59 “Plane crashes into US airbase?” was scheduled to play here 11 Feb , but did NOT!!
    Please get us HUGE fans back on track!
    SO glad you got the next seasons lined up.
    FAB SHOW !! The BEST !!
    thank you.