Next time you think about asking for salt….think again.

The holidays usually signal two things. First, families getting together and, second, some great football bowl games. Ok, three things. Food. And lots of it. Whether you spend weeks getting that perfect dinner menu together from books or magazines you haven’t opened all year or you go out to eat, one thing is clear: there are no calories, trans-fat, bad carbs or MSG in anything that you eat during the holidays. Never forget this. It’s important, people.

If you do choose the “let’s go out” option this year, please watch this before you venture out.

Should you not want to risk being reduced to tears in your favorite restaurant this year, over the next few days we’ll be hunting down and sharing with everyone recipe possibilities from your favorite Britcom stars that you might consider this year should you choose the “let’s stay at home” option.

First up, Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup from Lenny Henry (a.k.a. Gareth Blackstock, chef de cuisine of Le Chateau Anglais) as presented on Gordon Ramsay’s f Word series. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried this, but definitely will as we move into “soup weather”.

Next up, unfortunately, no recipe, but I thought you’d like to see Ronnie Corbett (of Two Ronnies fame with Ronnie Barker) challenge Gordon Ramsay with his Linguini with Chili and Crab. If you listen closely, you might be able to pick up all the ingredients.

Now that we have your soup course taken care of for that fast-approaching holiday dining experience, we’re on the hunt for a salad, appetizer, main course and dessert — Britcom style. If you have a favorite holiday recipe, send it on to, especially if it’s for Shepherd’s Pie.

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