Do NOT try this at home – Mr. Bean is a professional

Our search for the perfect entree recipe for the holidays, while initially a daunting task, was actually quite simple. Who can argue against showcasing an individual known far and wide for his culinary daringness? And what would the holidays be without turkey with all the trimmings, right? Unfortunately, there is not recipe here. Merely a how-to primer on stuffing a turkey.

Please note: Trained professionals on a closed road

Before viewing this, it needs to be said. Please, folks, do not try this at home. These are professionals that have extensive training in this type of culinary activity. They are surrounded by trained professionals should anything go wrong. Why do I think the script for this piece was as simple as – Rowan does something funny with a turkey.

It’s all about the dessert

But, what would a holiday be without dessert choices? You know that, secretly, the turkey, stuffing, side dishes and starters are just there for you to kill time until you get to the dessert table. Classic Bread and Butter Pudding from The Honorable Simon and Minty Marchmont will solve all your holiday dessert needs. As the Marchmonts are known for their culinary artistry, you will do well to heed their warning to make sure you let your custard relax before continuing.

And, especially during this special holiday time, please remember to never put bread into a taxicab. Food is about atmosphere. So, next time you’re in Bray, stop by the Quill and Tassel, which has the distinction of being the first restaurant in England to make wine compulsory.

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