Top-21 scariest moments in Doctor Who history. Got another?

Yes, I know that the Doctor’s birthday has come and gone, but before we blow out all the candles (there are over 400, you know), I thought this piece from SFX Magazine on the 21 scariest moments in the history of Doctor Who would be a great way to blow out the final candle this year on the last can of Who-hash. Anyone have an issue with any of the 21? Have another?

In: Action/Drama

  • Sarah

    #1 scared me…a lot.

    I haven’t seen any of the others, but now that I know about them I might seek them out!

    • @Sarah: #1 is the perfect #1. I would say check out the new ones with either Christopher Eccleston or David Tennent. Even though most of the “top-21” were from the early Who episodes I always thought the scariest thing about them would be if the walls fell down on the actors while filming. Probably great stuff back then, but now, just doesn’t seem the same.