Fawlty Towers "stuff" giveaway

Widely recognized and voted on as the #1 worst hotel on the planet, yet named the #1 television program of all time by the British Film Institute, Fawlty Towers is 30 years old!

What better way to mark the anniversary than to painstakingly remaster a new DVD release. Why consider this painstaking? Well, not only do you get the 12 episodes, but you get exclusive interviews with the cast, including Connie Booth, director’s commentaries by both John Howard Davies and Bob Spiers, outtakes, Torquay Tourist Guide (no DVD would be complete without this) and extended commentary by John Cleese.

Time to giveaway the stuff!

Stuff is defined as two (2) DVD boxed sets of Fawlty Towers Remastered and one (1) Fawlty Towers – A Worshiper’s Companion book by Lars Holger Holm. What do you have to do? Answer the five trivia questions below and e-mail answers to tellyspotting@kera.org for your chance to win. All entries MUST be received by midnight, Sunday, December 6, 2009 to be eligible for the drawing.

1. According to Sybil’s mother, how did Basil and Sybil get together?

2. What is the date of Basil and Sybil’s wedding anniversary?

3. Who are the three permanent residents of Fawlty Towers?

4. In the Kipper and the Corpse, what newspaper does Mr. Leeman request along with his breakfast in bed?

5. In Communication Problems, Basil finally wins money betting on a horse. What’s the horse’s name that won?

Easy, right? Only easy if you enter. Impossible, if you don’t. Remember e-mail your answers to tellyspotting@kera.org and be entered into the drawing to win either the DVD set or the book. Deadline is Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 12midnight.

FawltyTowersWorshippersBookIf you’re not immediately familiar with the book, here’s the deal. There have been rumors for years of a never before released 13th episode, but, to this day, it has never materialized. The folks over at FawltyTowersRevisited.com interviewed Lars Holger Holm, author of Fawlty Towers – A Worshiper’s Companion awhile back. To read the interview and decide for yourself as to whether or not a 13th episode exists, click here. After reading the interview, you’ll immediately understand how Nietzsche would view the inhabitants of Fawlty Towers.

Even though the elusive 13th episode is NOT included in this “have to have” remastered set, it’s well worth making it a part of your DVD library. Don’t forget you can’t win if you don’t enter. As you enter, I’ll leave you with this. Cheers!

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