Keeping Up Appearances – Take 2

Why do I like this show even more now? And, why do I really want to go to the pub with Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow)…or even Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth)?

It’s interesting to note that there are very few bloopers or outtakes floating around for Britcoms. In talking with a number of British actors and actresses over the last several years, it seems very clear that these are actors first and foremost and not “comedy” actors. Not to say anything whatsoever against their American counterparts, but it seems as though the “formal” training gained just doesn’t lend itself to the “blooper” mentality.

The British process of getting a script on Monday and taping the following Sunday before a live audience seems to create a scenario that doesn’t have time for bloopers, etc. It was always a job. Always about being professional and doing what’s best for the audience whether they be in the studio or, ultimately, at home. Not a lot of room for messing up lines or doors not opening, etc.

That said, it’s nice to see the chemistry amongst the cast members that is essential to having a successful Britcom. It really gives you some insight into the production and how it’s not just a job, but actually fun. Enjoy.

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