Johnny Depp, Dibley's newest resident?

Ok, so it was 1999, but there was a Johnny Depp sighting in Dibley by Geraldine and Alice that, briefly, made them not think about Richard Armitage. Fortunately, however, it did make Geraldine forget about her encounters with Owen over the years too.

No word for a couple of years now on the news that broke in 2007 about a proposed U.S. pilot of The Vicar of Dibley starring Kirstie Alley. This article from The Independent is the last I could find which was shortly after the announcement by Fox Television. Looks like they were smart enough to ensure Richard Curtis’ involvement, but I am having trouble believing they can mirror the brilliance of Dawn French, not to mention that of James Fleet (Hugo), Emma Chambers (Alice), Trevor Peacock (Jim), Roger Lloyd Pack (Owen), John Bluthal (Frank) and Gary Waldhorn (David).

Trivia bit for your next cocktail moment

Trevor Peacock (Jim) wrote the song Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter that was recorded by Herman’s Hermits in 1965. The song was originally written for  Joe Brown (of Joe Brown and the Bruvvers) on the birth of his daughter Sam.

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