I really want to get this, but just can't…

Full disclosure, up front. Have never seen a cricket match in person. Sat in Gatwick Airport in London awhile back for a 7-hour layover and I really, really tried to hang at the sports pub and grasp the concept of cricket. Even with a local on each side of me trying to talk me through the match (and also down off the ledge after hour 4), I still didn’t understand it. From what I can remember, according to the bartender, this was an “international test match” which are matches played between countries. Each test match lasts FIVE DAYS. Each day consists of a six-hour game, three sessions of two-hours each.

Someone help me here. Maybe it’s like trying to explain baseball to someone that doesn’t see it on a daily basis, but I don’t think so. It’s just plain impossible to figure out what’s going on. And how can it last so long with the potential of after five days it ending in a draw? If someone can explain it, please do. I’d love to go see a match someday. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this does a pretty good job of explaining it.

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  • Julius Cain

    Alas, another futile effort to enlighten us Yanks. There is a part of me that believes Cricket is more an exercise in securing a national identity than a sport. I’ve never heard a Cricket player, regardless of nation of origin, speak with other than a British accent. Not that I have listened to many Cricket players at all.

    • I would have loved to have been around when the Abner Doubleday equivalent dreamt this up.