It's holiday time w/ Ebenezer Blackadder

In the days leading up to Christmas, we’ll review some classic scenes from your favorite Britcoms as they tackle the holiday season as only the British can. First up from the minds of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton:

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

Nothing screams the holidays more than checking in with Ebenezer Blackadder. Or, perhaps, Robbie Coltrane as the Spirit of Christmas. Or, even a 15 stone “Tiny” Tim. Insert SPOILER ALERT here. In this brilliant take on the classic Dickens tale, a very pleasant Blackadder is transformed into a cruel and witty miser.

Lest you think we’re leaving you hanging out to dry, here’s the rest of the show. How can you go wrong with not only Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and Robbie Coltraine, but throw in Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Miranda Richardson and you have the ultimate holiday viewing experience.

Blackadder Christmas Carol, part 2

Blackadder Christmas Carol, part 3

Blackadder Christmas Carol, part 4

Blackadder Christmas Carol, part 5

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