A Father Ted Christmas

As we continue celebrating the holidays, Britcom-style, what would the holidays be without the Craggy Island antics of Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack in this Christmas episode of Father Ted, A Christmassy Ted. Father Dougal checking the lights on the tree and opening the advent calendar are priceless. Enjoy.

imagesDermot Morgan was the brilliant Irish comedian who starred as Father Ted Crilly. Unfortunately, for the Britcom world (and the comedy world), Dermot died of a heart attack the day after production ended on the third series of Father Ted.  The series had already been awarded a BAFTA award for Best Comedy along with Best Sitcom for two years running at the British Comedy Awards. Morgan had made the determination during the filming of the third season that it was going to be the last as he feared being typecast. He was actually working on an idea for a new comedy at the time of his death.

A little Father Ted trivia for your holiday party needs

– writer Graham Linehan actually appeared in the first episode of Father Ted

– there was talk several years ago of the dreaded “American re-make” with, possibly, Steve Martin playing the lead role. This never materialized. Steve should be thankful.

– the character of Mrs. Doyle, played by Pauline McLynn, was based on Graham Linehan’s mother

– from a viewer response standpoint, the day after its’ premiere in the UK, Channel 4 received only two letters of complaints. One criticizing it for being too anti-Catholic Church and one criticizing it for being too pro-Catholic Church.

Aside from A Christmassy Ted, my personal favorite episodes from this series are the “Song for Europe” and the Fathers’ participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, “Speed 3” with the bomb planted on the runaway milk truck and “Hell” where the Fathers’ go on their annual two-week vacation. Yours?

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  • There’s so much to love about that episode – from the giant peanut chasing Ted over the hills to Fr. Todd Unctious to Mrs. Doyle’s tea machine sabotage.

    I share your favorites. I also love “Flight Into Terror” and “The Mainland.”