Christmas with Thermoman

Next up in our holiday celebration, Britcom style — My Hero, where the concept of Christmas and Santa seem to confuse George Sunday, better known as Thermoman. It’s understandable, if you’re from Ultron, have two hearts, own a health food store and possess superpowers. Completely understandable, given the fact that Mrs. Raven and the Dawkins’ are left to explain it to him.

I was really sorry to see Ardal O’Hanlon leave the series after five seasons. Unfortunately, James Dreyfuss (The Thin Blue Line) took over for season six with two strikes against him from the beginning. While I loved him as Constable Goody, the audience never warmed to him like they did O’Hanlon over the years and the series was cancelled. Personally, one of the few times a British series jumped the shark and hung on for another season when they should have put it to bed after five. Agree or disagree?

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