A Dibley Christmas, pt 2 & Reg Dwight finally arrives

The ultimate holiday celebration continues as Geraldine puts the finishing touches on the Christmas sermon with Alice, and then Owen, as her sounding board. Unfortunately, it’s downhill from there as the Vicar now has plans for Christmas lunch #3 with Alice.

Well, as you would expect, the Christmas sermon comes off like clockwork. And, how could it not when you compare Mary and the Spice Girls. It’s back to downhill from there as David and Hugo are expecting the Vicar for Christmas lunch #4.

It’s also time to begin our musical Christmas wishes from across the pond and, what better way to start than Reg Dwight, sorry, Elton John. We all know that “Reg” wasn’t able to perform at the annual Dibley Autumn Fair so it’s only fair that he gets a chance to kick off the British holiday wishes.

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