OMG! The Vicar and Sting?

This “special edition” of the Vicar of Dibley was created for a recent Red Nose Day broadcast in the UK. Launched on Christmas Day in 1985, Comic Relief and its’ 1988 creation of Red Nose Day bring together the greats of comedy talent in the UK to raise money for famine relief in the UK and Africa. Both Dawn French and Lenny Henry, along with writer Richard Curtis, created the concept and are the driving forces behind the continued success of this effort.

In the following mini-episode, Geraldine and Sting spend the week together as part of a television reality series, Celebrity / Non-Entity Wife Swap under the ever-watchful eye of Alice. Classic video moment #1 – Alice warns “Mr. String” to behave. Scary video moment #1 – Jim going Full Monty, thankfully, sitting behind a table.

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  • Anglophilesouth

    Thanks for sharing this hilarious clip; I had never seen it. I’m a big fan of Mr. String, as well as the Vicar. You’ve certainly given me something to meditate on.