A Mr. Bean wedding

For a number of reasons, New Year’s Eve always seems to pop up as a possible wedding date for those planning a wedding. Not as much as June, but fairly significant. So, if you find yourself in a wedding, attending a wedding or having a wedding on New Year’s Eve 2009, one word of advice. Fear the Bean in attendance.

Anyone recognize the groom?

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  • Paul Barrett

    Or for that matter, the father of the bride, most recognizable from The Thin Blue Line, and the bride, who was in Doctor Who among other things.

    • @Paul: Good catch on the bride. I don’t remember her from Doctor Who. I do, however, remember seeing David Haig in a play several years back called Hitchcock Blonde in the West End. Great stage actor too. FYI, he can also be seen in an upcoming BBC/PBS re-make of The 39 Steps that will star another familiar face, Rupert-Penry Jones (from MI5, Persuasion) that will air on Masterpiece Classic, Sunday, February 28 at 8:00pm on KERA.

  • Paul Barrett

    The bride is Michelle Ryan, who was in last year’s Who Christmas episode, and also was in Jekyll. We’ll not talk about the Bionic Woman remake…