End of the World as We Know It?

As reported by BBC News, well-known British comedian/writer/presenter, Stephen Fry, announced Saturday that he is leaving the world of Twitter behind and ceasing communication with the outside world to concentrate on the next installment of his autobiography.

If you haven’t read his “first” volume, Moab is My Washpot, published in 1997, you have until probably Fall 2010 as he is set to deliver volume two to the publisher by April.

In the meantime, you can read and/or watch Stephen Fry in America on many public television stations nationwide beginning this month. Fry climbs in a London Black Cab and travels the U.S. visiting all 50 states. KERA Channel 13 will broadcast the 6-part series Mondays at 9:00pm CT beginning Monday, January 18. Great book, great series.

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  • carlos

    Having seen the entire series of Steven Fry in America I can highly recommend it! It’s very entertaining and educational.

    • @Carlos: An amazing wit throughout all six episodes. Thanks for the nod.

      • Cora Latta

        I am loving the Stephen Fry in America series. Thanks for bringing it to KERA

        • @Cora: Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying. Looked into acquiring the QI panel series that Stephen Fry hosts, but it’s really UK-centric so not sure it would have the same results. It’s a great show though and really shows that Fry and Alan Davies from Jonathan Creek are brilliant.