Red Dwarf Smeg-Ups & Kumars at No.42

While it looks so easy when the final product hits the air, seeing some of the behind-the-scenes footage always gives me just a little more insight into the importance that overall cast chemistry plays in the collective success of Britcoms.

Without trying to throw their American counterparts under the bus, it seems as though British actors and actresses sincerely go out of their way and give so much credit to co-stars, production crew, writers, creators, etc. and never talk about themselves. Must be a British thing.

Still no word as of yet regarding a possible production timeline for a season 10 for Red Dwarf. It was originally leaked by Robert Llewellyn back in October on Twitter that scripts had been commissioned by Dave, the television channel owned by UKTV and broadcasting in the UK and Ireland. What IS coming up on a number of public television stations in March 2010 will be Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, KERA Channel 13 included. Stay tuned here for broadcast date and time information.

On another note to those in the North Texas area, anyone see Kumars at No. 42 which premiered last Sunday? Would love to know what you thought of it. If you missed it, the series continues tonight at 11:30p on KERA. Let me know.

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  • t hensley

    Very innovative combining script & improv…

    * The format holds our interest – intertained by the suprise & reactions of the “realtime” guests…

    Hope tonights show is as good as last week….

    Thanks Bill – spot on

    • Thanks for the comment. After seeing several, what I loved the most was the reaction of the “guests” like RIchard E. Grant as it really was clear that he had no idea what was coming next and from where but really went with it. As you said, they pull off the combination really well. Tonight is Graham Norton and Davina McCall. Norton really has fun with it throughout.

  • I missed the first airing, but caught Kumars last night and I wasn’t that crazy about it. There were several funny moments, most revolving around the guest reactions, but by the end of the show I was already tired of the premise. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

    • Thanks, Jessica. It’s a tough one since it’s not like anything out there to compare to. I like the concept and do think Sanjeev is a great talent (he hosts a documentary on India that is really great) but it is an acquired taste. Thanks for giving it a try. Have a couple of others coming up soon like The Old Guys, Ladies of Letters and After You’ve Gone so, hopefully, you’ll stay with until they premiere.

  • carlos

    Kumars was absolutely brilliant! Loved every minute of it! Great innnovative format with the half script half improvised. Cannot wait to see more! What does it take to get Alan Partridge on KERA!?

    • @Carlos: Just got DVD of Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Patridge the other day. Am looking in to seeing what the possibility it to acquire. Thanks for the review. Glad you liked.

  • Cora Latta

    Love the Kumars – just a bit odd enough to keep you wondering what comes next. It’s a bit time-sensitive and there are some very British references, but still lots of fun. The grandmother steals every scene!

  • Bill Liles

    I watched two episodes of Kumars and found them vacuous and unfunny. I couldn’t watch either to their end.

  • William

    The Kumars at #42 is about as funny as a roadside fatality. Honestly, once that show comes on, my television goes off. There are so many other funnier shows that could take its slot. The Industry, Allo Allo, Supernova all of which comes AFTER this horrific attempt at a sitcom. The only show that was even more horrid than this was The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

    In the name of all that is good and holy KERA, please make the bad man stop! Make the weekends for Britcoms! One can only hope that you did not actually pay any money for these episodes and it was on a trial basis.

    • @William…what did you really think? ๐Ÿ™‚ While I agree that it’s very different than the ones you mention such as SuperNova, Allo, Allo, etc. (which are both brilliant and classic), I like the idea of shows like Kumars because they are different. If you saw some of the shows we don’t acquire, you’d think the Kumars was the greatest show on the air. The difficult thing is to find the balance between keeping the classics on the air and finding new shows that are fresh and not just the same old line-up. Thanks for the response. Hope you enjoy the others that are coming to the schedule such as The Old Guys, Ladies of Letters and After You’ve Gone.

      • Jenny

        Loved the Kumars, can’t stand The Old Guys. Glad to see something new on the line up, though. Any chance of Goodness Gracious Me??

        • @Jenny: Interesting from a feedback standpoint, everyone that loves Kumars does not care for The Old Guys and everyone that loves The Old Guys, can’t stand Kumars. Guess that’s the beauty of public television. Now that Kumars is out there, I am going to take a look at Goodness Gracious Me. Tough with a sketch show in that they are so up and down from a “funny” standpoint. Even the best from years ago like Fry and Laurie or French and Saunders had ups and downs. Will let you know. Thanks for the comments.

  • Tom Johnson

    Kumars at #42 is absolutely hilarious. What a wonderful, fun, cleverly-written show! Wish it was on earlier since it’s so hard to stay up for. Can’t wait to watch each new episode. Long may it run on KERA!

    Bill, been watching some DVDs bought in England…what about running Darling Buds of May? If you haven’t seen it, please get it and watch. It’s true, the program lengths may be an issue but it is an absolutely terrific series and one which would last for months as a first-run on KERA. It’s reminiscent of “Monarch of The Glen” in that it has an excellent ensemble cast, features beautiful scenery and is very well written. Catherine Zeta Jones’ debut. And David Jason is masterly as always.

    Another suggestion…”Terry and June.” Yes it’s an older series but is just as enjoyable as any currently on KERA. Has ample seasons for broadcasting a long time.

    “Dinner Ladies” is also great but short on episodes (only 2 series). It’s also a bit hard to follow the heavy accents but very well written.

    “On The Up” is very good and features the lady who played “Madge” on As Time Goes By. It has a great cast who obviously enjoy working with each other.

    As I watch (and buy) others, I’ll suggest some more. But please, seriously consider “darling Buds of May.” I think it’d be a huge crowd-pleaser.


  • John Leigh

    Well, I just left you a message elswhere, but I have to repeat this. I am English guy, have not seen the show prior to KERA, but the Kumars at No.42 is brilliantly devised and I love the premise; it funny throughout. I will grant that it contains large helpings of British humour, and may take the non-anglophile some getting used to, but if you took in Monty Python among others, you can get this; it will definitely grow on you. It has a fine edge of slapstick, but it’s a show with quick and subtle verbal exchanges, and other content that ultimately attracts you to it.

    I saw the show with Donny Osmond as the featured guest – what a blast, and as one of your other viewers noted the grandmother was a showstealer. I have spread the premise of this show to other friends of mine and will be very disappointed if they don’t have the opportunity to see it.

    Please place this on your regular schedule – anxious fan!

    John Leigh

  • Vee

    It appears the reaction to the Kumars is mixed. I was hooked by the second show! The guests reactions to what’s going on is very funny and grandma is hilarious. It may be an acquired taste and I think we need to give it a little more time before making a quick judgment; become familiar with the characters. Thank you.