Red Dwarf Smeg-Ups & Kumars at No.42

While it looks so easy when the final product hits the air, seeing some of the behind-the-scenes footage always gives me just a little more insight into the importance that overall cast chemistry plays in the collective success of Britcoms.

Without trying to throw their American counterparts under the bus, it seems as though British actors and actresses sincerely go out of their way and give so much credit to co-stars, production crew, writers, creators, etc. and never talk about themselves. Must be a British thing.

Still no word as of yet regarding a possible production timeline for a season 10 for Red Dwarf. It was originally leaked by Robert Llewellyn back in October on Twitter that scripts had been commissioned by Dave, the television channel owned by UKTV and broadcasting in the UK and Ireland. What IS coming up on a number of public television stations in March 2010 will be Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, KERA Channel 13 included. Stay tuned here for broadcast date and time information.

On another note to those in the North Texas area, anyone see Kumars at No. 42 which premiered last Sunday? Would love to know what you thought of it. If you missed it, the series continues tonight at 11:30p on KERA. Let me know.

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