Gervais hosts Golden Globes, looks back at The Office

The genius of Ricky Gervais will again take centerstage Sunday, January 17th as he hosts the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Personally, I can’t wait, especially after seeing the recent 60 Minutes interview with Gervais. That’s not all for Gervais and he continues his assault on America. In February, the co-creator, co-writer of The Office brings The Ricky Gervais Show to the small screen.

images-1It’s at this point that I re-open the argument that the British version of The Office is still better than the American version. That said, I will admit to really liking the American version, especially Rainn Wilson, and it is the one re-make of a British comedy that has worked. I won’t even bring up the U.S. version of Coupling.

Looking back at The Office, Gervais’ interview with the Hudson Union Society gives some real insight into the creation of the characters including David Brent and Gareth. It’s scary how much of the series is based on real people and real events. While we don’t get to see the infamous David Brent dance, we do learn of its’ origin.

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