Lennon Naked

We reported (and, admittedly, questioned) awhile back on the news that Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) was to play John Lennon in an upcoming feature for BBC4 called Lennon Naked. Lennon Naked

Haven’t seen any advance trailers as of yet, but if it’s anything like the just released photo of Eccleston as Lennon, I take back everything I said. The cool aspect of the film will be that it covers the 1967-1971 time period which is not the beaten to death Beatles time-period of the early to mid- sixties.

The film will take what should be an interesting look at what became a turning point in the life of John Lennon in 1967 with the death of Beatles manager, Brian Epstein. In addition, the film will take a deep dive in to an amazing solo career looking at the events that influenced some new found artistic freedom including his meeting Yoko Ono, played by Naoko Mori of Torchwood fame. Will be on the lookout for a trailer once something is posted. Stay tuned.

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