Doctor Who with an edge…and a new assistant

_45840965_who_bbc226bAccording to the BBC, with the addition of relative newcomer, Karen Gillan, a 21-year old Scottish actress, as the new Doctor’s assistant, word is we’re in for the series to have a much edgier feel than ever, thanks to head writer, Steven Moffat.

Without too much argument, David Tennant was the best Doctor of all-time. These are huge shoes to fill, obviously, for Matt Smith as he takes over in the new season as the traveling Time Lord. But, there are huge shoes to fill for Gillan also, as she takes over for the likes of Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, Michelle Ryan and Freema Agyeman.

Described as “saucy” by who else but The Daily Sun, Gillan has actually appeared in an earlier Doctor Who as a soothsayer in 2008 episode The Fires Of Pompeii with David Tennant.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the trailer for the new season that begins this Spring on the BBC.

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