Red Dwarf Suite by the Lady Manners School Orchestra

Full disclosure. Had this been part of the playlist when I was in school, I may have been interested in orchestra. Ok, not really, but it’s still pretty cool. Founded in 1636, the Lady Manners School is an English secondary school in Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK.

Still no news on a potential production timeline for a 10th series of Red Dwarf even though it was confirmed earlier this year at Dimension Jump 2009, the annual Red Dwarf convention organized by the official fan club. However, we did get news of an upcoming CarPool with Robert Llewellyn episode that will feature Red Dwarf series co-creator/writer, Rob Grant so, hopefully, conversation may lead to an easter egg or two as to when production might begin. According to Llewellyn, the episode will be #60 in the series and will be up in the next three weeks.

Favorite Red Dwarf episode?

While watching one of my favorite episodes tonight of Red Dwarf from series III – “Backwards”, I remembered a bit of trivia, speaking of Rob Grant. He actually made a cameo appearance in this episode wearing dark glasses and smoking a cigarette. My all-time favorite of the series, however, was “Gunman of the Apocolypse from series VI. The “Tikka to Ride – JFK” episode from series VII was pretty great, but have to go with Gunman. What about anyone else? Have a favorite from the series?

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  • That is just made of awesome!

    It’s hard for me to pick a favorite episode of that series, though “Tikka to Ride” and “Quarantine” are two of my favorites.

  • Jenny

    Tikka to Ride is probably my favorite, but they are all brilliant. Love this video too.