Who's your favorite British comedy couple of all-time?

While we’re all still in the Valentines Day mood, I got to thinking that most, if not all of our collective favorite British comedy series center around couples. Each week viewers have been treated to the ups, downs, challenges, conflicts, tensions and situations where we have either wondered how on earth they got together in the first place, remained together for so many years or if they will EVER get together.

So, over the course of the next couple of weeks, we’ll focus on one famous British comedy couple a day that will culminate in an on-line poll on Saturday, February 13 to where you can vote for your favorite all-time British comedy couple with the winner announced on Valentines Day. Some may be very clear, some not so apparent. That’s the advantage I have in that I get to make up the rules. First up….

Couple #1 – To the Manor Born

images.jpgWho can forget the long-awaited show that was, at one time, the highest rated show in the U.K. when Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Richard DeVere eventually married. You know the story. Upper-class Audrey has to move out of the manor after the death of her husband. Millionaire outsider, Richard, moves into the manor which causes a lengthy love-hate relationship over the years culminating in the series finale where they get married. To refresh your memory of Richard and Audrey…

Remember, your favorite couple can’t win if you don’t vote!

Don’t forget to hang with us for the next couple of weeks and then please vote for your favorite on Saturday, February 13.

So, if you are playing along at home, Couple #1 – Richard DeVere (Peter Bowles) and Audrey fforbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith). At this point, I have the couples mapped out as to who we are going to feature, but feel free to try and convince me to include or delete as you see fit. Also, with comments, feel free to try and influence others to vote for your favorite when the polls open. See you tomorrow when we feature couple #2.

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  • Pat R.

    My favorite hands down is Jean and Lionel from As Time Goes By. Their quirks are endearing and real. The acting is, without a doubt, the best! Your favorite neighbors.

    • @Pat: Great points. I’m guessing Lionel & Jean will show up on the ballot, no question. What about Alistair & Judy…or Alistair and Sandy, or Alistair and Alistair (ok, just kidding).

  • Nancy G.

    My daughter, Jillian, and I love the british comedies and watch regularly. Here are some suggestions for your list:

    Basil and Sybil (Fawlty Towers): Their relationship was definitely love/hate and you just never could figure out how those two got together.

    Hugo and Alice (The Vicar of Dibley): They were so dim, it was inevitable that they would get together and you just have to love them.

    Tim and Dawn (The Office): They made the perfect couple, but never seemed to seal the deal and you really wish they had during the series. She did come back for him on the last Christmas special and it was great.

    Gavin and Stacy (Gavin and Stacy): I’m not sure if this has aired on KERA. They were just a “made for each other” couple.

    Smithy and Nessa (Gavin and Stacy): They were “not made for each other” not really a couple, but their relationship was a great one to see evolve.

    Jonathan and Maddy (Jonathan Creek): Technically this a mystery/comedy series and I think that KERA has aired in the past (if you haven’t watched it you most definitely should). Theirs is friends with undertones of a blossoming relationship, then back to “just friends”, but they make a great couple with him the level head and her the flighty go-getter.

    Onslow and Daisy (Keeping Up Appearances): They were the lovable couple that you really wouldn’t want as neighbors and were always a laugh.

    There are so many more that I could name that I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at these favorites.

    • @Nancy: Love Jonathan Creek. Never took off on KERA like I would have liked, but we might try again. Finally saw G & S last year. I liked, but it’s a hard fit in the “Britcom” line-up as it seems to be much less comedy and more light drama. At this time, not available to us, but will keep my eye out for it. Thanks for the suggestions. Hope you and Jillian get a chance to vote on the 13th. Will do my best to get all suggestions on to the ballot.

  • Dawn

    Jean and Lionel are by far the most wonderful couple- they keep hope and love alive..despite- or in spite of – all the life throws at them …

  • Marie

    My favorite couple would have to be Geraldine Grainger and Harry Kennedy(Dawn French and Richard Armitage) from “The Vicar of Dibley”. Jean and Lionel are a very close second, and third would be Zoe and Alec from “May to December”. I second the vote to get “Jonathan Creek” back, as well as “Monarch of the Glen”. I have BBC America, but KERA has more of the British shows I want to see.

  • Celeste

    Though not necessarily a couple, a pairing that always makes me laugh is Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries! Also Howard and Marina (or Howard and Pearl for that matter). But my real vote goes to Jean and Lionel. Their story is touching and beautiful yet incredibly funny too, it’s everything you could want. Oh – and I agree with Nancy and Marie and would love KERA to bring back Jonathan Creek and Monarch of the Glen!