The Good Life – Jerry & Margo, couple #3

Couple #3 – Jerry & Margo Ledbetter

JerryMargoOne immediately thinks of Tom and Barbara when remembering The Good Neighbors (The Good Life in the UK). However, the most underrated couple in British comedy series, Jerry and Margo Ledbetter, took on a much greater role after the first episode. If you think back to that first episode, Margo (played superbly by Penelope Keith) was only voiceover. Immediately recognizing what they had in both Penelope and Paul Eddington (Jerry), the roles increased and Penelope Keith ultimately won a BAFTA award for the character of Margo Ledbetter in 1977. The clash between Tom & Barbara and the snobbish Margo made for great television that even had one episode taped with The Queen in the live studio audience.

Daily Mirror vs The Telegraph – no comparison in Margo’s eyes

If you’re playing along at home getting ready to vote on Feb 13, so far, we have Audrey & Richard (couple #1), Tom & Barbara Good (couple #2) and now, Jerry & Margo (couple #3). See you tomorrow for what may be a surprise “couple” to some.

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