Cupid returns to Dibley, targets the Vicar

From her first day in Dibley, Geraldine was almost rejected by the Parish Council, rejected Owen (thankfully) and David Horton (ultimately), been dumped by David’s brother Simon, linked with Rachel Hunter, always consulted, simultaneously, her pictures of Jesus and Mel Gibson in troubled times and had an affair with a chocolate fountain.

VODSelf-described as a “babe with a bobcut and a magnificent bosom” and after years of marrying others, it’s the Vicar’s turn. Who’s the lucky guy? It’s Sir Guy of Gisborne in The Adventures of Robin Hood, Lucas North in MI5 and now, Harry Jasper Kennedy in Vicar of Dibley.

In a wedding that was themed around her favorite movie, Saving Private Ryan, with touches of Doctor Who, who can dispute Geraldine and Harry as being a legitimate contender on the list of all-time favorite British comedy couple.

Couple #8 – Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine and Harry

The proposal had to be one of the greatest laugh out loud moment in the series….and there were plenty to choose from.

One can only imagine that this was Geraldine’s dream the night before the wedding. Second greatest laugh out loud moment…brilliant scripted by Richard Curtis.

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  • My favorite scene is the last–when Alice gets the joke after Harry explains it. Oh, the irony!

  • Cora Latta

    What about the speed-dating episode? How can you fail with all those men from your local village?
    But Harry, you have just won the heart (bosom and bobcut) of a magnificent vicar. Wonderful!!!!!

    • @Cora: Love the speed-dating episode. It was such an up and down episode, however, when you coupled it with the last half of the program dealing with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid and the Making Poverty History video.