Poor Richard's Almanac with Hyacinth

Couple #9 – Favorite all-time British comedy couple or, Hall of Fame worthy?

Richard has had to change the pronunciation of his last name, then, wear a tie to “deadhead the roses” in the garden for fear the neighbors might comment, then, his son Sheridan decides to rebuild Romania with Tarquin and, now, he’s facing retirement and a 24/7 full-time job with Hyacinth. That alone should either get you on the ballot for favorite all-time British comedy couple.

imagesOn the other hand, Hyacinth does have the all-time record on the block for number of Christmas cards at 112, has a sister, Violet, with a Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony AND has a pearl-white, slim-line, push-button telephone with automatic last-number redial. And, she suffers nightly having a phone number only one digit removed from the Chinese take-away, The Green Lotus.

Even though Richard did once favorably compare his marriage to Hyacinth to his time in the Army in that he “never had to make a single decision and all meals were prepared for him”, how can one argue against their inclusion on the ballot?

Just when you think Richard is hen-pecked, he stands up to Hyacinth. I think he even surprised himself. Couple #9 – Richard and Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced, Bouquet) from Keeping Up Appearances.

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  • I’ve been waiting for this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Brooke: Thankfully, your wait is over. I’m guessing you may be waiting for tomorrow’s too. Stay tuned. Love the episode where Onslow takes Richard out to shoot pool and have a few pints. He so deserved it.