Daisy & Onslow – longshot for favorite British comedy couple?

Couple #11 – Daisy and Onslow

images.jpgHe’s “bone-idle”, reads the Financial Times, and is a regular viewer of Open University. She’s responsible for Daddy and keeping tabs on the daily escapades of her sister, Rose. Forced to lose herself in romantic novels while Onslow drinks beer and watches racing on “the telly”, Daisy almost lost Onslow on her wedding day after revealing she was a Liverpool F.C. supporter.

OnslowDaisyEven though both endlessly crush Hyacinth’s hopes of creating the perfect impression by turning up in their broken-down, backfiring Ford automobile, Onslow and Daisy seem very close and made for each other. Most of their conflicts stem from ‘Dais’ being quite the romantic and Onlsow ‘having a headache’. Through it all, Onslow hangs with Daisy through each of Daddy’s engagements and Rose’s romantic encounters, and Daisy is always there for Onslow and even, sometimes, seems to enjoy how much he gets to Hyacinth.

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  • My favorite Daisy and Onslow moment–Rose enters the room, announces that she’s going to write her memoirs, and asks how to spell the word. To Rose’s surprise, Onslow spells it correctly, but Daisy revels in the situation, declaring “You get a warm, cozy feeling being married to an intellectual.”

  • pegeen

    Daisy and Onslow crack me up….and they never seem to realize how much Hyacinth is embarrassed by them. That is the one thing that puzzles me…there are so many episodes that have entertained me, it is hard to pick out just one…the only one that sticks in my mind is the one where Rose is going to write her memoirs and ask how to spell “virgin” and Onslow replies she is not going that far back is she.

    • @pegeen: Even just the looks from Onslow to Rose are classic. Never forget the time Rose tells a gentleman caller on the phone that she isn’t doing much other than just sitting there “reading her prayer book”. Priceless look from both Daisy and Onslow.

  • Cindy Finch-Mass

    I love the scene where Daisy is dancing to the music of “The Stripper” and Onslow tells Daisy he has a “bit of information she won’t find in her romance novels”, don’t wear a vest with her negligee! ROFL…=)