A favorite Coupling couple, in spite of Mariella Frostrup

Couple #12 – Steve and Susan, Coupling

CouplingHow can Steve Taylor and Susan Walker not be considered for all-time favorite couple when you think of what they endured to get together and then the ultimate sacrifices they were willing to make to remain a couple.

So what if Steve wanted to date Susan while he was dating Jane. Susan, after all, was dating Patrick, a Tory, who ends up with Sally even though she’s a Labour supporter. Patrick and Steve are best friends. Sally and Susan are best friends. Jeff and, somewhat insane, Jane just float through life both thinking about Mariella Frostrup. In spite all of this, they got together, got engaged, split up, got back together and, ultimately, had a child. That’s enough for consideration right there.

What I always thought was genius in Coupling, were the unconventional techniques and elements used within the scripts such as seeing the same scene from several different perspectives, doing a complete show, half in Hebrew and half in English, an entire episode shot in simultaneous split screen looking at the same situation, etc.

The unfortunate part of the series was how much it suffered when Richard Coyle (Jeff) did not return for the fourth season. It continues to amaze me how such a great British comedy series can fail miserably as an American re-make. In the case of Coupling, they actually used the scripts from the British series. Failure is such a strong word, though. It did last four episodes.

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