Last up in our favorite British comedy couple poll – Nora Batty & Compo

CompoNoraKathy Staff (Nora Batty) and Bill Owen (Compo) have been with Last of the Summer Wine from the beginning when it was created in 1973 for the BBC series, Comedy Playhouse. It’s a little ironic that the world’s longest running sitcom is about a group of elderly “adolescents” in the twilight of their lives wandering the Yorkshire countryside, but Summer Wine has endured real-life ups and downs of ill-health, character departure and, ultimately, the death of both Bill Owen and Kathy Staff.

Brilliantly written by one man, Roy Clarke, the series was also a breath of fresh air in that it was one of only a handful, if not the only one at the time, that showed the great English countryside and wasn’t all set in a studio. Should you find yourself within shouting distance of the town of Holmfirth in the future, take the tour, it’s fun. Click here for info.


In the meantime, think about couple #14 – Nora Batty and Compo. How can you not? See how well they get on?

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  • pegeen

    I love the sitcom Last of the Summer Wine….so much that I have the dvd’s 1-16, and watch them often….since they do not show them on television here in Florida…I realize that they could not go on forever, since most of the cast has passed away…but I will always have them on my dvds…and I bless the day that Roy Clarke brilliantly wrote the first script…

    • @pegeen: Some interesting insights from Roy Clarke on how he created the characters when he first sat down to write LOTSW in an upcoming special on British comedy writers on PBS to air in March 2011. It’s a long way off, but it’s going to have some great insights from writers and actors including lots of behind-the-scenes insights. Thanks for voting!

  • Cheryl Ross

    I have enjoyed these comedies for years. Thank you for keeping them on. To laugh has saved many.